Praise for Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt


"I love cooking and entertaining family and friends. I asked if I could have your webpage to make a purchase. I have, and have not regretted at all. I love your product. This eliminates the need of adding all different spices. This is definitely great for someone who does not know what to add to their food. I know how to cook but this just simplifies my life so much and makes my food taste so good. I love using this mostly on my veggies and simple meats or fish. My jar is halfway done and I'm getting a little apprehensive when I should replenish my supply. But you better believe I am and will buy more! Thank you again."
Dominique D.
Washington Township, NJ

“If you want to make any of your dishes…meats, soups, salads, veggies…more savory just add a bit of Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt….a little goes a long way…..Throw all your other garlic salts away and keep the “Granular Gold” handy!”
Tina F.
Plympton, MA

“Richard first turned me on to his special seasoning many years ago, as a Christmas gift...and I instantly became addicted...I used it as a rub for my steaks for outdoor grilling and found it to be the best flavor enhancer ever...some kind of perfect blend he puts into the mix that makes my barbequed steaks the best around...I’m frequently requested to come over to friend’s house and to bring “that special rub”’s magical...I’ve also used it on grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes and many, many other dishes and it definitely kicks the flavor up to another level....I’ve been telling RPF that he needs to promote this to a wider audience and it looks like he’s taken that step...I heartily suggest that you give it a won’t be disappointed, and I predict you’ll be “addicted” as I am!”
Mike W.
Roseville, CA

I bought a jar at the Christmas Expo last year in Boston. I haven't eaten steak without it since!…Never stop making such deliciousness.
Jade P.
Gloucester, MA

A friend bought some at a fair I think, ... she shared some and we have been hooked ever since..... We eat it every day and can not go with out it.... Awesome product....  this stuff is so good....  
Eric K.
Boston, MA

My husband's co-worker gave him a jar of your garlic salt as a gift.  She had purchased it during her vacation.  We enjoyed it so well I decided to check out your web page and was so delighted I could put in an order.  My daughter in-law tried it and loved it , so I purchased one jar for her as well.  I would not be surprised if she starts ordering also.  Thank you for putting a great product out there.  
Teresa L.
Myrtle Beach, SC

My husband, who is an Atlantic City Firefighter, was given a jar of your garlic salt as a gift from one of the secretaries who work in his office. After he told her how much I loved it, and how I use it to season almost everything, she brought me home another jar. So glad you’ve made it so easy to purchase on-line, now I can share it with my family and friends without worrying about running out.
Diane W.
South Seaville, NJ

I had been looking for something that would enhance the flavor of my outdoor cooking – something to add that special personality to my food. Over the past two years I’ve scoured the web for special rubs and grilling techniques and have tried many that have been OK. So, when I tried your rub I did so with hopeful expectations but never expected the explosion of flavor that accompanied my cooking.  This is a wonderful enhancement to my cooking and to date have only tried it on my meats.  I can’t wait to try out some of the other recipes.
     The real testimonial, however, comes from a statement made by my 30 year old son.  Children, as you know, can be very particular (peculiar?) with their culinary tastes.  True to form my son sat at the table armed with two of his favorite steak sauces waiting for his serving of strip loin steak with Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt. About half way through the meal my son’s finance asked him if he forget about the steak sauce and did he want some.  
     His response?  “No! It will ruin the taste of the steak!”
     Out of the mouths of children.  Need I say any more?  Thanks Richard!
Ron C.
Brockton, MA

I have been cooking with Richard's Famous Garlic Salt since receiving it as a gift at Christmas. I love using it in soups and stews and sprinkled over vegetables. My husband and I both hunt and fish and we use it on venison, ducks, striped bass and wild turkey. Tonight Randy made a venison stir fry and sprinkled on some Richard's Famous Garlic Salt. It was exceptionally good. Now that I've used it, I can't imagine being without it. It's the seasoning I reach for first.
Mary J.
East Bridgewater, MA

“I recently discovered Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt - it’s a staple in our kitchen - every meal is enhanced with this wonderful seasoning - eggs, meat, tofu, linguica, pasta  the possibilities infinite - My hubby is loving this seasoning - try it - and you’ll be very satisfied - QVC - take serious notice on this item - WOOOHOOO !!!!
Moe C., another happy customer
Plymouth, MA

“When I first heard about Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt I was working with Jeff who was just on the brink of making this business come alive with his dad, Richard.  I put in an order for 3 jars and went home to try the garlic salt in my everyday cooking.  It only took one use to know that I was a big fan of this delicious seasoning.  I started using it in my regular recipes, but eventually I was thinking of new ways to cook with it.  I ended up placing an order for 12 jars to give to my family and friends for Christmas. I just know that they will love it as much as I do!!”
Jennifer T.
Bellingham, MA

“I put Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt on my 16 pound prime rib for Christmas and the crowd thought I had it professionally prepared!”
Chip L.
Plymouth, MA

I'm planning on having a small family gathering for Father's Day.  My menu is going to be surf & turf, and I'm planning to rub all the steaks down with your garlic salt.  Over the years, we've seasoned steaks many ways, but those various ways have all fallen to the wayside since I picked up a bottle of your garlic salt back in November 2012 at the Christmas Craft Fair in Boston. And I just love your suggestion for adding your garlic salt to a salad along with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  That has become our favorite salad dressing, and we shall be adding that to our Father's Day menu as well. It's good stuff, and we really enjoy it.  Better not stop makin' it, or we won't know what to do with ourselves!!
Laurie R.
Acushnet, MA

“I have bought and used Richard’s Garlic Salt mix with excellent results. I also gifted friends at Christmas and have been told everyone was very excited about this new product.”
Dave G.
Plymouth, MA

“I was fortunate to get a jar of Cranberry Barn’s garlic salt. Great flavor. Just used it in a vegetable saute. It was really easy & greatly enhanced the flavor of the dish. A must buy!!!”
Bill D.
Plymouth, MA

Richard's Famous Garlic Salt .....IT'S GARLICIOUS !!!!!

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