Frequently Asked Questions

Buccatini with Bacon

Buccatini with Bacon

Q     What is the best way to store Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt®?
A     Store the jar in your pantry or cabinet at room temperature. No refrigeration is required.

Q     What is the shelf life of a jar of Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® stored at room temperature?
A     15 months. The "Best By" date is affixed to the bottom of the jar. 

Q     How do I replace a measurement of salt in my own savory recipes with Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt®?
A     You can substitute an equal measurement of Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® for regular table salt.  We suggest you browse our
        family recipes to get an idea of how much garlic salt to use in a recipe, but add according to your own taste and needs.

Q     Can I substitute Richard’s Famous Firecracker Garlic Salt® for original Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® ?
A     You can substitute Richard’s Famous Firecracker Garlic Salt® for our original flavor to spice up your savory dishes with a bit of heat;
         we suggest you start by using half as much Firecracker and season to taste for the degree of heat and saltiness desired.

Q:    What is the sodium content in Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt®?
A:     Based on a 2000 calorie diet, Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® provides 17% of the Required Daily Amount. Richard's Famous Garlic Salt® contains 410 mg of sodium per ¼ tsp serving, which is nearly 30% less sodium than table salt. Table salt contains 575 mg per ¼ tsp serving.

Q:   How many calories are there in a serving of Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt®?
A:   Zero.

Q     Does Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® contain monosodium glutamate, gluten or preservatives?
A     No.

Q     Can I use Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® in a salt shaker?
A     Yes & No. The texture of original Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® is coarser than table salt and does not shake well. It is typically added to recipes rather than used as a table salt.  But we do know some folks like to sprinkle it on their foods. Our Firecracker blend does shake well and can be used to further enhance the "heat" of foods already prepared. Some folks use shakers with slightly larger holes.

Q:    Are you licensed to produce Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt®?
A:    Yes, we are certified Food Safety Managers.

Q:    Is Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® tested?
A :   Yes. We use a Food Research Lab to test our product.

Q     Where can I buy Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt®?
A     Three ways:
1. Just click “BUY NOW” on this website and we will ship it right to your door.
2. At the retail locations listed on the Stores page on this website.
3. At our fairs and appearances. See our Events page on this website.

Q     How can I save money on shipping if I purchase online?
A     The best value is to order 3-12 jars for flat rate shipping. Given the long shelf life of 15 months, this may be the best option for you.

Q:    How will you ship my order?
A:     We typically use the US Postal Service.

Q:    Is my order tracked?
A:     We use USPS “tracking” when shipping an order of two or more jars.