The Story of Richard's Famous Garlic Salt®

Our story begins back in the “old country” at the beginning of the 20th century when a young man named Achille travelled to the United States to seek his fortune. Far from his home near Bologna, Italy, he settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he built a life for himself and started a family.

In his kitchen, he prepared delectable foods, for he brought with him many culinary traditions from Italy. His savory dishes included a special homemade seasoning called “garlic salt.” 

Achille’s only daughter, Jean, married and had a son named Richard. When Richard grew up, he made garlic salt for his own family, adjusting the recipe to his liking until he believed it was just right. Everyone raved about the delicious foods prepared with his garlic salt and requested he make it for them. 

As word spread, more folks requested his famous garlic salt. It was a challenge to keep everyone supplied, so people offered to pay him for it. One raving fan called it "granular gold" and would shriek with delight every time she got another jar.

By popular demand, Richard started a business with his son, Jeff, who was no stranger to the food industry. Jeff brought more than 10 years of food industry managerial experience to the company. Cranberry Barn Kitchens®, LLC was formed and trademarked, and production of Richard's Famous Garlic Salt® began. They named their brand mascot, Garlic Head Fred, after Richard's dad, Frederick.

Richard and Jeff work side by side lovingly crafting garlic salt in small batches, selling, appearing at fairs and retail locations, meeting fans, and spreading the word about this very special seasoning.  Richard's wife, Virginia, an excellent cook, developed amazing recipes using the garlic salt over the years, many of which you will find in our Recipes section.  Richard's daughter, Julie, provided her extensive creative and marketing expertise to the efforts.  This truly is a family business.

We hope you enjoy cooking with Richard’s Famous Garlic Salt® as much as we do!

Richard's Famous Garlic Salt .....IT'S GARLICIOUS !!!!!