Our Salts

We are tickled when our raving fans tell us time and again how much they love Richards Famous Garlic Salt® and how unbelievably flavorful their food is when they use it. We think our incredible garlic salt is like no other!

We know that many folks like a bit of heat in their food, so after a year of testing on countless rib eye steaks, we perfected our new hot & spicy flavor, Richard's Famous Firecracker Garlic Salt. You get the same great-tasting food with a bold new kick that will totally tingle your tastebuds. How hot is hot? We recommend you try our Firecracker flavor by rubbing ½ teaspoon onto each side of a one-pound steak. Cook as usual. Want more heat? Simply sprinkle with more Firecracker after cooking. Try it on poultry, pork, seafood, and veggies, and also in your soups and sauces, too!

People absolutely love our garlic salts, with no preservatives, no gluten, no MSG, made in small batches here in New England, using garlic grown only in the U.S.A. Teaspoon per teaspoon, it has 30% less sodium than regular table salt.

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